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Thursday, January 26, 2012

MNPR Top 20: The Most Influential Minnesota PR Professionals on Twitter - 2012

A little more than a year ago, the MNPR Blog published the Top 20: Twin Cities Most Influential PR Professionals on Twitter. We have reassessed our methodology, incorporated additional tools, to update this list and also broadened the scope to include all of Minnesota since, after all, this is the Minnesota Public Relations Blog.

This list was compiled using a variety of ranking services including Twitter GraderEdelman Tweet Level. I am sure there are many other influencers, but this is my best effort to use these tools and to give credit where credit is due. (If you'd like to take a look at the full methodology behind this list, it's described below.) 
Special thanks to Kary Delaria for her efforts in helping pull this list together. Hope you enjoy.
Lee Odden
Patrick Strother
Matt Grand
David Erickson
Ruth Marie Sylte
Kary Delaria
MN PR / Ryan May
Tracy Morrison
Christian Betancourt
Heather West
Mike Keliher
Amanda Oleson
Roepke PR
Barb Sorensen
Miss Shannan Paul
Jenna Bennett
Christian Del Monte
Tim Burke

1) Using FollowerWonk, searched Twitter bios for any occurrence of  "public relations" or "PR" with "minneapolis" or "mpls" or "msp" or "mn" or "minnesota" or "minn" or "Twin Cities" or "St Paul" or "St. Paul." This returned 941 accounts which were then sorted by follower count (highest to lowest) and the top 50 accounts belonging to an actual PR professional or agency moved on to step two. (Deleted any that said "tweets from PR department" or "former PR" or "PR friendly" bloggers.). 

2) Assigned Hubspot Twitter Grader and Edelman TweetLevel scores (as of January 7, 2012) to each account in the top 50. Then, calculated an average of each account's three scores: FollowerWonk Influence, Twitter Grader, and TweetLevel. 

3). The 20 accounts with the highest average score were selected and ranked, highest to lowest, in the final list.

Get last years list here.
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