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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GdB, GdB Pitch, Ackmann & Dickenson and Modern Climate To Move to Historic Maytag Building

Clear Night Group Recent Acquisitions Will Be
 Main Tenants in North Loop Location 

Clear Night Group (CNG), which recently acquired several brand, marketing and technology firms in the Minneapolis area, will move them under one roof in the North Loop in the spring of 2017.
Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB), GdB Pitch, Ackmann & Dickenson (A&D) and Modern Climate will reside in 25,000 square feet on three floors of the historic Maytag building, currently under renovation at 515 Washington Ave. N. in Minneapolis. In addition, the companies will share a renovated rooftop space.
“Just three years ago, we set out on the path to build a next-generation marketing services platform with the goal of simplifying the client experience, and providing the expertise they need to grow and thrive,” said John Hyduke, president and CEO of CNG. “Having these companies all together in one building, on one campus, will help us meet client needs more directly and efficiently.”
Renovating a Historic North Loop Building
CNG is tapping into the Minneapolis office of Gensler, an integrated global design firm, to lead the charge in creating environments that reflect each unique brand and also foster collaboration between the companies. Gensler is recognized nationally as experts in developing workplace environments that impact employee performance and innovation.
Kraus-Anderson was selected as the contractor for the project, which is expected to be completed by spring 2017. Saturday Properties and VoR Development, LLC, are the landlords for the Maytag building, which is also undergoing a historic transformation of its façade, along with internal renovations.
 “This is an important step in activating the potential of this platform,” Hyduke said. “Walking in, clients will find a collaborative, creative and efficient experience in this centralized space. And as employees think, invent and solve, we’ll only get stronger as we all work collectively.”
While the renovations are taking place on the Maytag Building, GdB and GdB Pitch will temporarily locate in the Modern Climate building at 800 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis. A&D will remain at 701 North Third St. until the renovations are complete. 
In December 2014, CNG made its first acquisition, Minneapolis-based creative agency GdB. In 2015, CNG added a public relations division, McFarland Communications, which became GdB Pitch. In April, CNG acquired development and digital marketing firm A&D and most recently in June 2016 added brand and technology company Modern Climate.
About Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB)
GdB is a Minneapolis-based marketing services agency, offering expertise in brand strategy and communications – including advertising, interactive, public relations and stuff not invented yet. The agency is a two-time winner of the American Association of Advertising Agencies' O'Toole Award. For more information on the agency, visit

About GdB Pitch

GdB Pitch, formerly McFarland Communications, joined GdB (Gabriel deGrood Bendt) in May 2015. Named one of the Top 25 PR firms by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal in 2015, GdB Pitch has experience working with clients in many different industries, including education, consumer goods, fitness, fashion, politics, professional services, restaurants, retail and more. Visit to learn more.

About Ackmann & Dickenson
Ackmann & Dickenson (A&D) is an application development and digital marketing firm that delivers tailored technology solutions. A&D’s unique breed of digital craftsmanship brings organizations to the forefront of technology by providing expertise in mobile and web development, user experience design, and digital marketing. A&D operates from its headquarters in Minneapolis and offices in Phoenix. To learn more about A&D, please visit

About Modern Climate

Modern Climate, a brand + technology company founded in 2009, helps companies sharpen, strengthen and activate a brand’s promise. With an emphasis on technology and innovation, Modern Climate works with brands to ensure that the brand's promise is kept through valuable and authentic experiences for their customers. For more information, visit

About Clear Night Group

Clear Night Group (CNG), based in St. Paul, Minn., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evening Post Industries (EPI), one of the most storied and well-respected communications and media organizations in the U.S. Founded in 2012, CNG oversees brand, marketing and technology companies to advance the business of clients of all sizes and industries, from regional to global. To learn more about CNG, please visit

Job - TSI Incorporated - Marketing Communications Manager

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Job - Allied Solutions - Manager, Marketing & Communications

Introducing Content Marketing Agency Workhorse Content

Joint Venture between LEVEL and Rocket55 Creates and Distributes Content to Drive Profitable Customer Action

Reflective of its name, Workhorse Content is a new answer for organizations looking for best-in-class valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Workhorse Content is a joint venture between two Minneapolis firms: advertising, digital and brand strategy agency LEVEL, and digital marketing company Rocket55. Workhorse Content offers thoughtful, relevant content marketing that helps brands better connect with and engage customers. The co-leaders of Workhorse Content are John Foley, CEO, and Lois Dirksen, President and Principal Brand Strategist of LEVEL, and Steven Ayres, Founder and Strategic Director at Rocket55.

“When our firms started collaborating on projects last year, we quickly realized that LEVEL and Rocket55 complement each other in numerous ways – and that a joint venture would fill a void in the marketplace,” said Dirksen. “Instead of competing, we decided to work together from our respective positions of strength to offer a best-in-class content marketing company.  Creating Workhorse Content elevates both of our firms while giving clients a one-stop resource.”

LEVEL and Rocket55 each have worked with well-known brands, including Medica, 3M, Cargill, Coca-Cola USA, Mall of America, Häagen-Dazs, GEICO Honda Race Team, Medifast, North Memorial Clinic, The New York Times and more.

“We feel that the partnership works because we can combine high impact copy and design with sophisticated multichannel strategies. By using analytics, benchmarking, and other measurements, we can uncover areas of a media strategy that are underperforming. We look for opportunity in the gap between current status and potential performance,” said Ayres. “Workhorse Content has the ability to develop brand relevant content that reaches the right audience – sounds easy, but what currently we see in the market is great content without channel distribution sophistication or great distribution with trite, irrelevant or harmful content. Today’s buyers are often proactively researching products and services online before making a decision. We feel strongly that most companies are missing big opportunities to interact with proactive buyers at most phases of the purchase cycle. ”

The Workhorse Content process starts with digging deep to understand a client’s business and marketing goals in order to create content that will deliver real results. Once the content is developed and published online, the Workhorse Content team continually analyzes the results and implements appropriate tweaks to maximize success.

“Solid positioning and strategic consulting combined with revenue-generating creative have set LEVEL apart from the competition and kept clients loyal,” said John Foley, CEO and Principal Brand Strategist of LEVEL. “With Workhorse Content, we are applying that approach to content marketing that drives revenue for clients.”

Learn more about Workhorse Content at

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