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Friday, September 30, 2011

The future of communication is "hear" on October 6

Imagine how your life would change if you went completely deaf in a matter of hours? How would you avoid slipping into depression? How would you press on with life? Now imagine gaining your hearing back through modern technology. This is the experience of Michael Chorost Ph.D., () author and key-note speaker at the Minnesota Public Relations Society John Beardsley Lecture on October 6.

Chorost has written two books, including “,” and “” a memoir about recovering his hearing with a cochlear implant.
Like John Beardsley, Chorost says, he is a futurist.  Chorost is interested in communication overall not just the medium by which we communicate. While we can communicate via e-mail, voicemail, text or face-to-face Chorost is not interested in this.  “I am interested in how these forms of communication change the way we relate empathetically with each other,” he says.

Specifically, Chorost is interested in finding out if technology helps us relate to each other more humanly.  “Many people are worried that the Internet and e-mail have made us less empathetic as a species.” In other words, people are seeing less of each other face-to-face as a result of new forms of communication so what does that do to our ability to relate to one another?

“People worry that technology like e-mail and Twitter encourage a fragmented and emotionally distant form of communication,” says Chorost. “So these are big worries that people have about technology.”

To hear more about Chorost’s ideas please join us Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. As PRSA presents a lecture by Michael Chorost, Ph.D., a technology theorist with an unusual perspective: his body is the future.  Register now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Job - Metro Sales, Inc - Internship

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ushering in a new era of presentation development with Prezi

I still remember seeing my first PowerPoint presentation.  It was in the mid-1990s, and it was the best presentation I had ever seen in my life.  My mind, which was accustomed to chalkboards and overhead projectors, was astounded by the visual stimuli.  The colors, images, and transitions made me gaze at the screen like a southerner watching snow fall for the first time.  Since that day, almost every presentation I have given has been a PowerPoint.  As one might imagine, 15 years of slides and bullet points can get a little old.

Lately, Goff Public has started using Prezi, a multimedia presentation program that makes PowerPoint seem rigid and predictable.  Prezi, the zooming presentation editor, is an online program that uses a single page, infinite in size, instead of traditional slides.  Text, images and videos are placed on the page and presenters create a “path” from one element to another, causing the screen to shift, swing and zoom with each click of the mouse.  While difficult to describe, Prezi’s usability is quite the contrary.

We help clients develop all types of presentations.  Our goal, as with any presentation, is to create engaging presentations that capture the audience’s attention and convey the client’s key messages in memorable ways.  While PowerPoint is still effective in many situations, the Prezis we have created are making people’s eyes light up in ways PowerPoint has failed to do in many years.

If this is the first time you have heard about Prezi, it probably won’t be your last.  While PowerPoint is by no means dead in the water, Prezi is a viable competitor that is changing the landscape of visual aids.  Don’t be surprised if we start seeing a widespread shift in how presentations are given.

posted by Chris Duffy on September 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Job - Minnesota Transportation Alliance seeks a part-time intern

Gabriel deGrood Bendt checks into AmericInn to help hotel chain build its brand

After a search that included 10 agencies, AmericInn, one of the nation’s leading midscale hotel companies, has hired Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB) to develop a new website plus partner on additional digital and traditional marketing communication needs.
Based in Chanhassen, Minn., AmericInn, which is part of The Northcott Hospitality Family, has more than 260 locations currently open or under development in 27 states.  
GdB will partner with The Nerdery, a Minneapolis-based interactive production company, for the more technical side of web development.
“GdB and The Nerdery demonstrated the right balance of creativity and technical expertise for our brand moving forward,” said Mark Nicpon, AmericInn’s Vice President of Marketing, Distribution and CIO.
“This is a great win for us on many levels,” said Tom Gabriel, agency CEO. “We’re excited about the brand, the category and the commitment AmericInn has to its product and customers.”

Campbell Mithun Launches “Every ONE Counts” 2011 United Way Campaign

has donated an integrated campaign to support Greater Twin Cities United Way’s annual campaign which has the theme “Every ONE Counts.”  The work shows the power of ONE – one dollar, one donor, one donation – to make a one-by-one difference for real people in need. The work marks the seventh campaign donated by Campbell Mithun in support of United Way.
“Times may be tough, but people still like to help and may not know that even small donations can have a big effect,” said Reid Holmes, executive creative director at Campbell Mithun.  “The message here quantifies that a weekly latte can become family meals; a weekly pizza can turn into books; one less round of golf per week can actually get children to the doctor.”
A digital video supports the workplace campaign and joins the following program assets to spread the “Every ONE Counts” message:
Media placements were secured by Haworth Media and were allocated across online (60%), out-of-home (30%) and radio (10%) channels.  The work runs into the beginning of November.
Ernst and Young managing partner and 2011 United Way campaign chair John Wilgers says monies raised in the annual campaign will be used to address the most pressing needs in the Twin Cities nine-county region served by United Way. In 2010, the campaign raised $87 million. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Job - Land O' Lakes - Communications Manager

Job - Saint Mary's University - Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communication

Six new hires at Weber Shandwick

The Minneapolis office of Weber Shandwick today announced six new hires in its Healthcare, Digital Communications, Consumer Marketing, Technology and Financial Services practices.
Jenifer McCormick joined the Healthcare practice as an account group manager. McCormick has 16 years of experience in public affairs, public relations and journalism and will play a lead role on several healthcare accounts and new business efforts. Before Weber Shandwick, she served as communications director for the Transportation Trades Department with the AFL-CIO and communications director for U.S. Congressman Martin Sabo. She also worked as an account supervisor with agency Richards/Gravelle where she provided strategic communications to a variety of healthcare clients including Children’s Medical Center Dallas, United Regional Health Care Foundation, Baylor University Medical Center and the American Heart Association. Jenifer graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
has been hired as an account supervisor in the Digital Communications practice, working on the U.S. Army account as the interactive lead. Prior to Weber Shandwick, he spent time at another local agency working on traditional and social media strategy for major consumer clients, served as SUPERVALU’s first social media coordinator and spent a year performing public relations and event marketing duties for Kraft Foods as the captain of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.
has been hired as an account executive in the Digital Communications practice. She will work with Weber Shandwick’s social media team on digital strategy and crisis communications. Previously, Melcher worked at another agency for a wide variety of clients in the education, healthcare, agribusiness and nonprofit industries. Melcher also sits on the board of directors of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association as director of programming and is a guest blogger for the Huffington Post and TECHdotMN. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and management studies from St. Olaf College.
has joined the Consumer Marketing practice as a senior account executive. She will focus on national media relations strategy and outreach within business-to-business and business-to-consumer integrated communications programs. Previously, she worked at another local agency for public affairs, retail, food and small business services clients. Draxton also serves as a committee co-chair for the Minnesota chapter of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in business administration from the University of St. Thomas.
has been hired as an assistant account executive in the Technology practice after completing her internship. Her new role will expand to encompass media and analyst relations. Previously, Ellingboe worked extensively in the nonprofit and public affairs world in event management, fundraising and communication roles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.
has been hired as an assistant account executive in the Financial Services practice upon the completion of her internship. Since joining Weber Shandwick, she has worked with government and insurance industry client teams, including managing a website redesign for a government client.  Previously, Moore held a communications internship at the Basilica of St. Mary. She graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication and English.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Miklya of Weber author's chapter in PR Media Training book

Liz Miklya, a vice president in the Minneapolis office of Weber Shandwick is the author of a chapter in the “PR News Media Training Guidebook – Vol. 4.” Miklya wrote the chapter on the crucial importance of television news to the media cycle and tips on how to prepare for a TV interview.

“There’s a perception today that people get all their news from the Internet,” says Miklya. “That’s not true. Television is still an unmatched vehicle for storytelling and delivering information.”

Miklya, a former award-winning Twin Cities news reporter, has drawn on that experience in her frequent contributions to PR News about the best ways for organizations to work with the media. In 2009 she wrote a chapter in the “PR News Guide to Best Practices in Nonprofit Communications – Vol. 1”. Her work helps prepare company representatives and PR professionals to work with television, print and radio reporters to conduct interviews and effectively communicate their messages to key audiences. Topics that she has focused on include the “Art of the Sound Bite,” “Helping Time-Strapped Reporters,” and many others.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

LaBreche selected by Oak Grove Capital

Minneapolis-based LaBreche announced today that Oak Grove Capital has selected the agency as its communications partner.

“After researching several local and national firms, we selected LaBreche based on its collaborative and comprehensive approach.  LaBreche invested time understanding our business and key constituencies and, consequently, has become an important participant in our overall business strategy discussions,” said Brian Ranallo, chief operating officer of Oak Grove Capital.

LaBreche is providing branding, PR and marketing services for Oak Grove Capital as it continues to grow as a company. In 2009, its first year of operation, Oak Grove Capital originated $421 in mortgages and almost doubled that total in 2010. The company has edged up over $1 billion in 2011 originations and was recently honored by Fannie Mae as its top affordable housing lender.

“Oak Grove Capital is a category leader that recognizes the importance of building equity in its brand as it grows,” said Beth LaBreche, CEO of LaBreche. “We’re looking forward to helping Oak Grove Capital achieve its business goals through strategic national communications.”

Oak Grove Capital is a mortgage lender specializing in affordable housing, market rate multifamily housing, seniors housing and healthcare, serving clients who are owners, operators and developers within these sectors. Oak Grove Capital offers loan products for acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and refinance via Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Ginnie Mae and other funding sources.

Oak Grove Capital is based in St. Paul, with offices in Texas, Florida and Washington. D.C.

Job - Axiom Marketing Communications Seeks Video Production Coordinator

Job - The Mosaic Company - Communications Specialist

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job - Guthrie Theater - Communications Manager

Job - SCHERMER hiring Sr. Copywriter

Job - SCHERMER seeking Director, Business Development

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 MIMA Summit - 10/11 - 10/12

Intensive Workshops, Evening Reception, Full Day Conference, and top it off with a Happy Hour(s). In other words, that's 50 sessions choices and two parties over a day and a half. Let's break it down:
  • Tuesday: 10 in-depth two-hour session choices, where you get to pick the two sessions that are right for you.
  • Tuesday night: Follow up the sessions with an evening soiree with the fantastic speakers, other lovely attendees, and our awesome sponsors.
  • Wednesday: Kick it off with the morning keynote, Avinash Kaushik co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Analytics Evangelist for Google. Then work through selecting 2 sessions to attend from the list of 16 breakouts and 4 Geek Outs. Follow that by grabbing some lunch with your fellow attendees, and listening to the afternoon keynote, Chris Anderson editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. After lunch, select 2 more session from another 16 breakouts and 4 Geek Outs. So many choices, so little time...
  • Wednesday night: After all that learning, kick back and enjoy the Happy Hour with all your comrades. The Happy Hour is usually a good time, so be prepared for the pluralization of "Hour".
    Keep checking for breakout speaker announcements or on . They'll be coming fast and furious.

    *Limited Number of Student Member Full Package Tickets are Available

Monday, September 19, 2011

Job - Padilla Speer Beardsley - Intern, Agribusiness

Job - Padilla Speer Beardsley - Account Executive

Redbrick Health Chooses Maccabbee for Public Relations

RedBrick Health, the Minneapolis-based health technology company that drives sustained engagement through innovative health improvement programs, has chosen Maccabee as its national agency for public relations, corporate communications and social media/online marketing.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Job - Corporate Communications - Senior Manager, Executive Communications

PRSA - John Beardsley Lecture

The late John Beardsley, APR, was a cerebral, thoughtful man who always kept the next big thing on his radar—from psychology, technology and quantum physics to neuroscience and even pop culture.

Beardsley unabashedly shared his futuristic vision through engaging, dramatic lectures that moved groups to look to the future, themselves. He passed away in September 2010, leaving a lasting legacy to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Minnesota PRSA, Padilla Speer Beardsley and the University of Minnesota will together proudly honor Beardsley’s contributions to public relations and business on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011.

Please join us as we present a lecture by Michael Chorost, Ph.D., a technology theorist with an unusual perspective: his body is the future. Chorost has written two books, including World Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines and the Internet and Rebuilt, a memoir about recovering his hearing with a cochlear implant.

It will be an evening John Beardsley himself wouldn’t have missed.

Please mark your calendars for the evening of October 6, and join us as we honor Mr. Beardsley and turn to Dr. Chorost to discuss what lies ahead in the realms of communication, neuroscience, technology and the advancement of humanity.
Register now for the John Beardsley Lecture!

Job - Dennis Kirk - Social Media Specialist

Job - Dennis Kirk - Video Production Specialist

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Job - Land O 'Lakes, Inc - Community Relations Intern

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Job - Adsoka, Inc. - Junior Copywriter/Writer/Editor

Job - Jefferson Lines - Sr. Marketing Manager

Innovation a Driving Force as Broadhead Adds Industry Veterans to Creative Team

Broadhead, a Minneapolis-based advertising and marketing agency, announces it is adding three well-known consumer marketing veterans to its creative leadership team.  

Pam Mariutto brings over 25 years of mastering numerous communications challenges, from creating and producing TV spots, to conceptualizing print campaigns, and even launching her own retail brand. Mariutto has worked on brands such as Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, Target, This Old House Paint, 3M, Syngenta, Swiss Miss and Radisson Hotels.

An award-winning creative director and art director, Jon Montgomery comes to Broadhead with over two decades in the creative arena. His client experience includes driving awareness for brands such as Target, Purina, Life Time Fitness, Pfizer, Cargill, Coleman, 3M and Victory Motorcycles.  

Dan Roettger has been the writer behind campaigns for Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, Korbel, Northwest Airlines, Mack Trucks, Tractor Supply Company — just to name a few. In the process, Roettger has captured numerous national and international advertising awards over the course of his 30-year career.

Mariutto, Montgomery and Roettger will serve as associate creative directors at Broadhead under the leadership of John Walker, creative director.

“Pam, Jon and Dan’s combined experience in creative leadership and their collective understanding of what drives consumer behavior made hiring them an easy decision,” says Dean Broadhead, agency president and CEO. “Their respective tenures in the industry align with our commitment to bring senior-level experience to our clients’ business every day.”

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Job - ghost communications - Internship

Job - Maccabee Public Relations - Senior Account Executive

Monday, September 12, 2011

Job - Maccabee Group - Account Executive

Job - LaBreche - Media Relations Specialist

Job - Mayo Clinic - Event Planner- Department of Development

Friday, September 09, 2011

Job - Padilla Speer Beardsley - Assistant Account Executive, Health Care

Public Affairs Company Hires New Associate Account Executive

Public Affairs Company is pleased to announce the addition of Tony Gorder as its newest Associate Account Executive. Tony joined Public Affairs Company this past summer as an intern, where he impressed our staff and clients with his professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm to learn and grow.
Tony recently graduated with honors from South Dakota State University , earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in both journalism and political science. While a student at SDSU, Tony worked for the award-winning student newspaper, The Collegian, for three years, and spent a year as Editor-in-Chief. During his internship at Public Affairs Company, he worked on several accounts writing press releases, designing handouts, researching issues and managing social media.
“Everyone at Public Affairs Company was pleased Tony was joining our staff in a full-time position,” said Steve Knuth , president and CEO of Public Affairs Company. “Talented staff members are crucial to Public Affairs Company’s ability to continue growing. Tony brings fresh, new energy and considerable talent to the table. He will be an asset for Public Affairs Company and our clients.”
As an Associate Account Executive, Tony’s responsibilities will include research, writing and social media. His broad skill set will be utilized across a diverse spectrum of projects, ranging from graphic design to grassroots field engagement.
“I learned a lot during my internship at Public Affairs Company. It was a fun and challenging experience,” said Tony. “I’m tremendously excited to jump into the job, gain more experience and put my skills to use for our clients.”

McFarland Cahill Communications Adds Clients and Increases Staff

McFarland Cahill Communications (MCC) recently added five new clients and hired two employees.
MCC is now providing national media relations for Anytime Fitness, the world’s fastest-growing fitness club franchise with more than one million members and 1,700 clubs worldwide.
Scholarship America and Sophia, two education-based clients, also have been added to MCC’s national client list. Sophia, a first-of-its-kind online social teaching and learning platform, makes free, credible academic content available to anyone, anytime at In addition, MCC has been helping raise national visibility for Scholarship America, the nation’s largest provider of scholarships.
MCC has also added Ladibugs, Inc. and Winland Electronics, Inc. as clients. Ladibugs is a chemical- and pesticide-free treatment for the elimination and prevention of head lice founded by two Minnesota moms and nurses. Winland Electronics, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of critical condition monitoring devices, provides 24/7 peace of mind to a variety of industries including healthcare, medical, grocery, food service, commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential.
“We are extremely excited to be working with companies that are innovators in their industries,” said Teresa McFarland, partner in MCC. “Our current expansion and growth will enable us to continue to provide exceptional and measurable results for our clients’ public relations investment.” 
New Additions to MCC Team
In addition to adding new clients, MCC has added Mollie Wulff and Ashley Franks to its team.
Wulff, who joins MCC as a Senior Account Manager, has more than 15 years experience in public relations including work at Weber Shandwick, Best Buy and Polaris.
Ashley Franks joins MCC with six years of experience in corporate and agency public relations. Hailing from Omaha , Neb. , Ashley handled internal communications for the Omaha World-Herald before moving on to Buzz Monkeys Public Relations in Milwaukee .
“Both Mollie and Ashley are tremendous assets to our team,” said Maureen Cahill, partner in MCC. “Their experience with national media relations as well as social media campaigns will help MCC continue to fulfill the needs of our growing client base.”

Job - Minnesota Children's Museum - Development Events Manager

Job - MPLS.TV – Digital Intern

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Job - Lola Red - Public Relations Intern

Job - Metromix - Internship

Job - St. David's Center - Marketing & Communications Assistant

Job - Children’s Theatre Company - Marketing Intern

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Job - RedBrick Health - Marketing & Business Development Intern

Job - Graco - Intern - Market Development

Five Minutes with a Legend: Dave Mona

Dave Mona is the chairman of the Minneapolis office of Weber Shandwick, which has its roots in the one-person shop he started in 1981. Mona also is the co-host of "Sports Huddle with Sid & Dave" on WCCO Radio.

1.  What are the highlights of your public relations career?

The only truly unique thing I’ve done was to write a news release that I had been fired as VP of Communications at The Toro Company during an economic downturn in 1981. It turned out to be a significant date as they offered to become a client if I were inclined to start my own PR firm. That was the beginning of what was a one-person shop, David L. Mona & Associates, in the spring of 1981. Joining forces with Dennis McGrath in 1983 was a major step in building a large regional firm, and merging with Dorn Communications in 1986 brought us together with Scott Meyer and Sara Gavin. Out of that came Mona Meyer McGrath and Gavin and a partnership that lasted for 15 years and a friendship that will last forever. Becoming part of Shandwick in 1988 certainly accelerated our growth and helped us become a true global player.

2.  What are some of the key lessons that you have learned in your career?

From the beginning we hired great people into a climate of mutual trust and respect. We thought from the beginning that if we created a great work environment that we would attract and retain the best employees and best clients. We also knew from the beginning that we wanted to give back to the community. I’m proud of our various pro bono programs and the way our employees embrace them.

3.  You have hosted the Sunday Morning Sports Huddle with Sid Hartman for 30 years. Who are some of your close personal friends?

I reserve the Close Personal Friends category for Sid. It was an invention of the late Steve Cannon that stuck. I can’t believe I’ve been doing that show for more than 30 years. It was only 25 minutes long when I started back in 1981, and it’s been two and a half hours for the last 25 years or so. I enjoyed working with Eric Eskola and his clever introductions for more than a decade. I always looked forward to the Tom Kelly Show and learned something new about baseball from him almost every week. Nothing is more fun than doing the show from the Minnesota State Fair where we get to work with a live audience. And what could be more fun than working with Sid and his animated opinions of the geniuses, stiffs and jerks who populate our audience and the state legislature.

4.  What advice would you give to new public relations practitioners?

Make sure it’s where your passion lies. Do you look forward to going to work? Are you surrounded by smart, creative and motivated coworkers? Is there an environment in which your work is appreciated by your coworkers and clients? Do you have a life outside the office? Do you have the best stories to tell when you go back to your high school reunion?

5.  Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Good for now. Thanks.

-- / Skogrand PR Solutions, LLC

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Job - University of Minnesota - Web Designer/Developer

Job - 3M - Student Program Internships

Monday, September 05, 2011

Job - Deluxe Corporation - Product Marketing Fall Internship

Friday, September 02, 2011

Anytime Fitness selects GdB to craft international health-club chain’s brand story

After a review of several agencies, Anytime Fitness, the 24/7 worldwide fitness franchise, has engaged the marketing and social media services of Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB) to share how the chain has helped its customers change their lives.

Known as the best place for fitness because of its convenience, affordability and friendly atmosphere, Anytime Fitness has been lauded as the fastest-growing private company in Minnesota – offering franchisee opportunities across the globe.

“Anytime Fitness has opened more than 1,600 clubs around the world,” said Tom Gabriel, agency CEO. “Despite this amazing growth, they remain true to their core values. We’re delighted to be partnering with them, and look forward to helping them strengthen their brand.”

“We’re excited to have GdB help us as we continue to grow the Anytime Fitness brand,” said Libby Crooker, Identity Division vice president, Anytime Fitness. “After meeting with a number of agencies, we felt it was a good fit, both in work style and culture.”

Anytime Fitness clubs are open around the clock, allowing members to work out any time of the day or night, even when clubs are not staffed.

Carmichael Lynch Promotes Germscheid to Director of Consumer Engagement

Joe Germscheid has been promoted to director of consumer engagement, partner at advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. Since joining the agency in 2009, Germscheid has led digital media planning and buying. With over 25 years of experience, Germscheid has transformed several agencies from traditional media to digital and interactive media departments. Before joining Carmichael Lynch, Germscheid was an interactive media director for Fallon in Minneapolis.

Prior to that, he served as associate media director at MRM Worldwide where he oversaw online ad planning and placement. He began his career in media at Miller Meester Advertising. Outside of work, Germscheid is a certified fitness instructor specializing in group cycle instruction at the downtown Minneapolis YMCA. He is a graduate of St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Germscheid resides in Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Job - Special Events Internship (Unpaid) - American Diabetes Association

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