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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Local Online Marketing Tips for Your Home Improvement Business

How can a home improvement company improve its local online presence?

Local companies need to find new ways to improve their online presence in order to garner attention online. Because there are so many companies competing for local attention, it is important to go above and beyond to be “noticed” in the online arena. Here are some things that your home improvement company can do to tip the scale in your favor:

1.    Claim local profiles. Many websites like Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local have profiles for local businesses that you simply need to claim. Prove your identity and claim your profile to fill in all kinds of valuable information about your business and you will be instantly easier to find online.

2.    Upload photos. People love to find photos that represent your business. It will help to make your business more “real” in their eyes.

3.    Ask your current clients for reviews. “Most local websites are absolutely fine with you requesting that customers review you. Reviews help to make your business seem more credible to potential customers,” said Mitchell Otterson of Altemp Mechanical.

4.    Create a local phone number. A local number will tell potential customers that you are in fact a verified local business and not just a random Internet company.

5.    Think like your customer. “What do you think potential customers are searching for online? Make sure that you are targeting the words and phrases that people may actually use to search for you,” said Jessica Tesdall, marketing spokesperson for Central Roofing. “People like to use terms like: ‘home improvement [city name].’ Make sure you are using the right words and the right phrases to point potential customers to your business. Make sure that you stand out, above all else.”

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