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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Buzz Monkeys, Inc. opens its doors in Minnesota

Wisconsin-based communications agency Buzz Monkeys, Inc.® has opened its doors in Minnesota. Mary Roberts, veteran public relations professional and Top Banana at Buzz Monkeys, today announced the expansion of the agency in the Twin Cities area. “We’ve worked with clients in this market for over a decade and it’s just a natural extension to open an office here,” Roberts said. “We’re excited to infuse our special brand of energy and enthusiasm into Minnesota.”

Buzz Monkeys has had great success working with a variety of national and regional companies throughout the Midwest, and specifically in Minnesota. For example, top consumer brands like Leinenkugel’s tapped the agency to launch its first holiday beer regionally and Chipotle Restaurants looked to Buzz Monkeys to tell its “Food with Integrity” story throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

“We’re well known for developing exciting word of mouth public relations programs that garner great results on behalf of clients,” Roberts said. “Every day, we share our clients’ stories, generate ‘buzz’, and alter the perceptions and behaviors of consumers.”