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Monday, December 21, 2015

Would you donate a $1?

I haven't talked much about my health condition over the past few years, because quite frankly it is embarrassing. In April of 2014 I was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis. Since then I have had a bevy of doctors appointments, MRIs and hospital stays.

I have been very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family that have carried the load for me (and my family) in almost every case. But now I feel the need to do more and I need your help. I know I get and average of about 400 visitors to this site every day. I also know that I have nearly 11,000 twitter followers. That is a boat load of people and you all can make a difference in my life.

In 2016, I will turn 40 years old, my wife will too and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage all in the space of a month. I do not want my medical bills to interfere with my ability to celebrate these milestones with my wife. This is where I need your help. If even half of my 11,000 twitter followers gave me $1 via that would add up to real money really fast.

If the 400+ people that visit this site everyday donated $10 that would be $4,000 in no time.

I am looking for a miracle. Can you help?

Humbly yours,
- Ryan

Here is how you can help.

You can go to now and make a donation. Even if it is just $1 it will be appreciated.

If you are uncomfortable using , you can write a check and mail it to:

P.S. I will report the total at the end of the year. Thanks.
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